lunes, 5 de julio de 2010


Sustainable Graphic Design
Strategies for the use of materials and processes in design.

In the last years, "sustainability" concept has been subject of analysis, investigation and discussion for several disciplines; so is the case of anthropologists, ecologists, biologists, philosophers, engineers, architects and designers (among others), who unite actions in order to preserve and value our natural resources, integrating the economic, social and enviromental fields.

Amongst professionals of design and graphic communication, the term "Sustainable Design", before known as Green design or EcoDesign, its used to describe de decrease of the harmful impact caused by the use of materials and highly polluting processes. Nevertheless, only few designers have understood the concept and objectives that sustainability implies, and how to contribute making decisions in the creative processes with greater social and environmental responsibility.

This investigation pretends to analyze the concept of sustainability to extend the existing knowledge in the relation between the Graphic Design and Sustainability and contribute to a change of the design, where the strategies are implemented to conscious and amiable projects with the nature.

Keywords: sustainability, sustainable design, materials, processes, social responsibility.

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